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Vintage Clothing

Vintage Style That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

OK, we admit it. We love the style of the 1960s, when guys wore slim suits, cool jackets and sleek loafers and boots. Our classic style “muses” include Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Sean Connery and Sidney Poitier (to name just a few cool and elegant gents who inspire us).

Napoli Bros. has assembled an amazing collection of Midcentury vintage clothing that will make you feel like Steve McQueen cruising with Ali McGraw in a sixties Jaguar XKE.

Our vintage pieces include racing stripe jackets in every color, car club coats, racing leathers, 60’s and 70’s coach’s
jackets, vintage Peter’s casual jackets, incredible Wrangler jean jackets, and very collectible Grateful Dead concert
tee shirts.

We also have vintage shirts, Chelsea boots, scarves, hats and a lot more. Check out the photos of our vintage clothing stock and come visit our San Mateo store to get your Steve
McQueen look on!

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