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The Napoli Bros. Story

There actually are two real life “bros” behind Napoli Bros. Patrick Di Chiro is the founder and creative director of the Napoli Bros. brand and runs the business operations and his fraternal twin brother Marco Di Chiro is the resident artist. In fact, Marco’s wild and colorful hot rod drawings – inspired by Big Daddy Ed Roth’s “Rat Fink” characters of the 1960’s – will be featured on the new line of limited edition tee shirts that Napoli Bros. will be offering soon on the website and in our San Mateo, California store.

Patrick and Marco were born in Napoli, Italy (so that’s where the name comes from!), and moved to Bethesda, MD near Washington, DC when they were two years old.
Together with their parents Giovanni and Barbara, and big sister Giovanna, the Napoli bros experienced the All American Midcentury lifestyle in Bethesda, which in those days was still very much of a small town. Early on, Patrick collected Matchbox and Corgi toys of antique cars and Marco favored Tonka Trucks (wish we had saved those collections!).

Patrick would make models of Willy’s gasser hot rods and Marco would be the first to snag the new Rat Fink figurines at the local 5&10 cents store. Yep, they still had those back then. Later, the bros got into rock music and formed the first of several bands that would

be their passion all the way through college. In the process, they became avid collectors of incredible 60’s/70’s guitars and amps, which were not yet vintage back then! Patrick still bemoans the fact that he did not hold onto his late 1960’s Gibson Les Paul Custom (the Black Beauty with three gold pickups) or his 1967 Gretsch Tennessean guitar in that gorgeous dark rose color. (Dang, why did I sell those guitars?!)

Patrick pursued a career in journalism, which then detoured into marketing and public relations. Yep, he was a true “Mad Man” back in the day. Marco started his career as a graphic designer (pre computer graphics) and then did a 180 and became a police officer in Montgomery County, Maryland. Years later the Napoli bros ended up in beautiful San Mateo, CA, just south of San Francisco. In 2016 they cooked up the idea of creating a new kind of retail concept that would capture and share their love of rare, vintage guitars and amps, Midcentury collectibles, and the classic, cool and timeless style of 1960s clothing (as exemplified by style icons Steve McQueen and Sean Connery in his James Bond 007 phase).

Thus, Napoli Bros. was born.